T55v3 two-point mapping

    This is the e-mail based RH mapping service of Rat T55v3 RH panel. The following number should be used for your scoring. The results are returned by e-mail in HTML-formatted files.


scores PCR positive or negative ? 
0 Negative
1 Positive
2 Undetermined

    It might be helpful to remember T55v3 has the average retention rate of 31% (i.e. 30 RH clones).

STEP1, Please enter your e-mail address, and assign process number (anonymous).
STEP2, Please make sure that your scores are aligned according to T55v3, and the total number is 96.

STEP3, Please submit your data, and the results can be returned to your e-mail address in a few minutes.

    Our RH mapping server is freely accessible, and the confidentiality is kept in the sense that any data is anonimously and automatically processed. Our mapping system is basically supporting 2-point analysis to framework markers. Please note that you are encouraged to deposit your reliable RH data in Radiation Hybrid Database.