Searching Otsuka Microsatellite Markers

More than 6,000 rat new microsatellite sequences exploited by our OLETF project in OGRI are deposited in this database.
Of them, some 3,000 markers are mapped by linkage and/or radiation hybrid mapping techniques.

This database accommodates information of all markers : marker names (GEN_ID, OT_ID, Official Names of GOT_ID), Internal Address Codes, results of PCR analysis with rat and hamster genomic DNA useful for linkage and/or RH mapping effort, primer sequences, original microsatellite sequences and accession number in DDBJ (called "core sequences"), expected PCR product size from BN rat strain. For RH mapping data, original RH vectors are linked to the files in RHDB, and the results of two point analysis against our framework map is shown through links.

This database are managing the several links to the other external database of Radiation Hybrid DataBase (RHDB), DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ). Extensive similarity searches of nucleotide sequences have linked our core sequences to the other rat microsatellite markers (WIBR/MIT)and rat/mouse/human genes.

The database are searchable by any category of queries. For multiple queries, please delimiate the words by space.

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